Industrial Automotion

Process Control System
Ladle Slag Detection System
BOF Slag Detection System
Intelligent Level Control System
Breakout Prevention System
Automatic Mould Powder Feeder System
Electromagnetic Stirring System(EMS)
Dynamic Secondary Cooling Control Technology
Dynamic Soft Reduction Control System
Shell Thickness Measurement Online(Supersonic Wave Method)
Shell Thickness Measurement (Nail-Shooting Technique)
Cut Length Controlling System By Infrared Camera
Industrial Automotion

The control purpose of industrial automation is the various parameters in production. It implements the process control, and minimize the human operation, thus achieving industrial automatic production. Automatic control systems are the main method for automation, mainly composed of the controller, controlled object, actuators and   transmitter.

MQ automatic control system is applied to traditional industrial technical reformation, factory automation, enterprise information, etc. For the all kinds of physical quantities encountered in the process of metallurgy, chemical industry and machinery manufacturing produc- tion, including temperature, flow, pressure, thickness, tension, velocity, location, frequency, phase position and so on, have correspond-  ing control system. On this basis, through the adoption of digital computer also established a better control performance and higher  degree of automation of digital control system, and the process control system with double functions of control and management. MQ automatic control system is moving towards the direction of intelligent, network and   integration.