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Industrial Robots

Industrial robots, as the representative of the intelligent manufacturing, is playing an increasingly important role in the process of transformation and upgrading of industry. In the industrial production, industrial robots can replace people to do some drab, frequent, repetitive and long time job, or the work of danger, in harsh environments, such as the process of stamping, casting, heat treatment, welding, painting, plastic forming, mechanical processing and simple assembly, and harmful material handling or process operation. Industrial robots can improve the efficiency and quality of the products, is an effective solution of complementary and alternative workforce for enterprise.

We successfully developed and mastered the core technology of the industrial robot from MQ-SCARA robot, visual technology and controller, combined our own core technology such as servo control, automatic control, fluid, etc. MQ industrial robots have features of remote operation, integrated safety PLC, collision detection, automatic retract, etc. Mechanical arm is equipped with tool change device, which can be used to install any developed tools, also has special function of anti-collision; speed, force and the path can be easily adjusted according to demand.

On the basis of the business of integration system and robots, MACQUARIE began to focus on providing industrial robot technology, software, key components, process scheme and solutions, will integrate produce, technology innovation and service, to find more creative ways to meet the demand of industry development.