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In April 2013, industrial 4.0 sword by Germany, put forward "by making full use of information and communication technology and network physical systems, intelligent manufacturing to transition", focuses on: "smart factory" "smart production"; 04, 2014, in response to the us government "in the industrialization strategy", GE, IBM, cisco, Intel and other manufacturing industry with IT industry giants attempt set up Internet industry alliance (IIC), put forward "break the technical barriers, promote the fusion of the physical world and digital world", its core represented by aeroengine intelligent maintenance, intelligent service to give priority to; At home, to accomplish the strategic shift of China from the manufacturer to make power, Germany, USA, after the may of 2015, China put forward the "made in China 2025", "in order to promote the intelligent manufacturing as the main direction," stressed "pilot construction in key areas of intelligent digital factory/workshop, accelerate the man-machine intelligent interaction, industrial robots, intelligent logistics management, material manufacture and so on the application of the technology and equipment in the production process". At the same time, other countries, such as Britain, France, Russia, Japan and Korea, have developed similar national strategies. From the point of view of strategy, production equipment is the common carrier to realize intelligent manufacturing. The core is to connect the virtual network with the entity to form a more efficient production system. This is what is commonly known as "intelligent manufacturing".
The steel industry is one of the most promising industries to realize the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.
In promoting industry under the background of intelligent manufacturing ", combined with domestic actual situation, in 2015, the ministry official revised the conditions of the steel industry norms, then, in 2016, issued by the ministry of the steel industry adjust upgrade planning (2016-2020) ", in the same year, the state council issued "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" ecological environment protection planning, at the beginning of this year, again under the state council issued the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" comprehensive energy conservation and emissions reduction work plan; It can be said that a series of industrial policies have been published, which has a great impact on the Chinese industry, especially the steel and metallurgical industry. The steel industry adjust upgrade planning (2016-2020), "pointed out that China's industry is still in the mechanization, electrification, automation, informationization, different regions, different industries, different stages of enterprise development is not balanced. Development of intelligent manufacturing is facing the key technology and equipment of others, intelligent manufacturing standards/software/network/information security foundation is weak, intelligent manufacture new model promotion has not yet started, intelligent integrated application of such outstanding problems as slow. Compared with industrial developed countries, the transformation of China's industrial intelligence, the environment is more complex, the situation is more serious, the task is more difficult. In this context, to realize intelligent manufacturing, it is necessary to realize the digitization, networking and intellectualization of industrial production, which is also the main trend of industrial development in the future.
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