Industrial Robot R&D Engineer

Job Specification

  • Major in mechanical and electrical integration, bachelor degree or above, 2-3 years working experience
  • Driving design in the field of electric automation or industrial robot in 3C, light industry, heavy industry and automobile industry: industrial robot body structure design experience (at least 1 year). Experience in design and commissioning of automatic equipment such as steering gear, stepper motor, servo motor or gear drive; Basic knowledge and application of electrical control
  • Master mechanical principle and mechanical design, theoretical mechanics and material mechanics, robot kinematics
  • Familiar with engineering drawing design and standards, familiar with common mechanical engineering materials and processing technology, understand hydraulic and pneumatic principles
  • Proficient in CAD/SW/ProE drawing, understand machining engineering and design, have experience in processing cost accounting and control
  • Master basic usage methods of Matlab, ADAMS or SAMCEF; Master the basic Ansys analysis process and be able to conduct static analysis and modal analysis. Know RobotMaster or MasterCam
  • Have rigorous logical thinking ability, good communication and cooperation ability
  • I am dedicated, responsible and able to work under high pressure. I am willing to work overtime on weekends and travel irregularly
  • Adapt to the working characteristics of the entrepreneurial team, have excellent teamwork spirit, good understanding and communication skills
  • Good copywriting and editing skills, English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and a good command of professional English vocabulary in the field of robotics are preferred
  • Proficient in Office software

Job Details

  • Responsible for the r&d, design and audit of complete sets of equipment for related projects (industrial robot, industrial servo system, industrial production line integration, etc.)
  • Responsible for the complete structure design and optimization of Scara, Articulated and other industrial robots, including but not limited to: forward/reverse kinematics of the operating arm, dynamic analysis, trajectory planning, mechanical design, material selection and standard parts
  • Responsible for the formulation of Scara, Articulated and other types of industrial robot manufacturing and assembly process guidance; Participate in product production, testing, ex-factory debugging, on-site test, after-sales service, productization
  • Correct preparation of working documents, timely record, submit and report
  • Participate in technical standardization of the department
  • Participate in the technical innovation, research and development, intellectual property rights of the company's related products
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the leader