Industrial Designer

Job specification

  • Major in industrial design, bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years working experience, overseas product design professionals are preferred, and experience in award is preferred
  • Excellent aesthetic consciousness and artistic accomplishment, with good art skills, can express design ideas by hand drawing
  • Familiar with the design business process, have rich experience in modeling design, product color matching, processing technology, surface treatment technology, hand plate production, batch production, etc. Knowledge and experience of mainstream materials in the market is preferred
  • Proficient in design software of industrial modeling such as Rhino, PS, AI, 3Dmax, CorelDRAW, HyperShot, KeyShot rendering, etc
  • Have unique aesthetic appreciation for scientific and technological products and industrial products, and relevant product design experience; Have the ability to learn, discover, integrate and innovate, and keep a keen insight into new knowledge, new technology, new dynamics and new fashion
  • Have rigorous logical thinking ability, good communication and cooperation ability
  • I am dedicated, responsible and able to work under high pressure and accept weekend overtime
  • Adapt to the working characteristics of the entrepreneurial team, have excellent teamwork spirit, good understanding and communication skills
  • Good copy editing skills, English reading and writing skills are preferred
  • Proficient in Office software

Job details

  • Responsible for the company's products (industrial robots, production line models, industrial automation products, etc.) appearance design, CMF design, ergonomics design, visual design, etc
  • Responsible for the appearance quality control of the company's related products, new materials and new technology research
  • Collect the latest product trend of the market, take charge of the company's innovative design scheme and advanced design concept
  • Responsible for OEM, ODM product deformation and product optimization
  • Cooperate with Marketing Department to make packaging design and product publicity materials