Marketing Executive

Job specification

  • Bachelor degree or above, at least 2 years relevant working experience, can write software, press release independently, familiar with writing characteristics of network language, media or pr company working experience is preferred
  • Interested in technology, with strong insight into technology and products
  • Strong writing ability, responsible for external publicity materials, business analysis, media articles
  • I have a good relationship with technology media and we media
  • Active thinking, rich imagination, strong communication skills, willing to study
  • Active users of various online communities are preferred, such as weibo, douban, WeChat, tieba, etc., and can participate in or create hot topic discussions of WeChat on weibo

Job details

  • Make public relations communication plan according to the overall strategy of the company and grasp the key time points
  • Develop and maintain relationships with technology vertical media, we-media, and partners
  • Write pr articles, release media, and evaluate publicity effects
  • Conduct public relations communication through activities, salons and exhibitions
  • Responsible for creative writing, publishing and event planning for the communication of new media platforms on the Internet
  • Responsible for the formulation of new media operation strategy and activity planning, the development of new media interactive activities, the use of new media platform for brand promotion, etc
  • Plan WeChat weibo accounts and operate independently, providing high-quality and disseminating content that meets the company's requirements
  • Participate in or create hot topic discussion of new media, promote company brand with purpose and plan, and enhance influence