Purchasing Manager

Job specification

  • Bachelor degree or above, major in management, supply chain management, materials science, metallurgical engineering, etc
  • At least 5 years working experience, relevant working experience in purchasing management, familiar with procurement bidding process and supplier management process, good negotiation skills, sensitivity to market changes, strong awareness of cost and risk control; Adhere to principles and promote cooperation
  • Good command of purchasing management methods and procedures, strong work pressure resistance
  • Experience in purchasing metallurgical industry is preferred

Job details

  • To be responsible for organizing the preparation, revision and improvement of the group's bidding and purchasing related systems
  • To be responsible for organizing the qualification examination of the candidates for the bidding and purchasing projects, organizing on-site inspection and evaluation of suppliers outside the qualified suppliers information base, and implementing procurement projects
  • Responsible for organizing and establishing supplier database, and update database information regularly according to supplier performance evaluation results
  • Establish the company's supplier management evaluation system, establish supplier rating standards, and review the qualification access and cancellation of excellent suppliers
  • Establish and improve the procurement process and bidding management methods
  • Execute purchase order and purchase contract according to production requirement and implement purchasing process
  • Manage and follow up the implementation of project plan to ensure the safety and quality of supply chain, delivery and cost control
  • Develop and implement cost reduction, local procurement and other sustainable purchasing strategies