Industrial Robot Teaching Platform

Industrial Robot Teaching Platform

Product Abstract

The equipment of this platform, with industrial robot and machine vision as the core, combines mechanical, pneumatic, motion control and PLC control technology as an integral whole to realize rapid sorting, handling and stacking of different materials, and modular combination structure. The system specially designed the practical training teaching, which can complete all kinds of robot single training and comprehensive project training (can be customized according to the user's demand).

This equipment consists of six degree of freedom industrial robot, intelligent visual inspection system, PLC control system and a set of feeding, conveying, assembling and storage mechanism, which can realize the sorting, testing, handling, assembly and storage of the workpieces transmitted at high speed.

All components of the platform are installed on the profile table, which can be combined freely. The mechanical structure, visual system and electrical control circuit are relatively independent, and industrial standard parts are adopted. Through this platform, training can be conducted in mechanical assembly, electrical circuit design and wiring, PLC programming and debugging, intelligent visual process editing, industrial robot programming and debugging application, etc., which is suitable for practical training and teaching of automation related professional courses in vocational colleges and technical schools.

Technical Index

  • Input power: single-phase three-wire ~ 220V plus or minus 10% 50Hz
  • Working conditions: temperature - 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ relative humidity of 85% or less (25 ℃) altitude 4000 m
  • Device capacity: < 1.5kva
  • Training platform size: 2000mm * 1500mm * 1200mm
  • Safety protection: with leakage protection, safety in accordance with national standards