Cut Length Controlling System By Infrared Camera

Cut Length Controlling System By Infrared Camera

Product Introduction

Cut length controlling system is used to detect the correct place to cut the billets. An infrared camera is installed beside the strand next to the cut-off machine. With image analysis techniques, the head and end of the billet can be calculated by a computer linked with the camera. Then, the cutting signals can be sent to the cutting machine automatically and the auto cutting can be realized.

Function Highlights

  • Fit for different kinds of cutting type. Resistant to different kinds of optics disturbs including flames, welding light, sunshine etc;
  • Several signals can be sent by this system, such as pre-clamping, clamping, cutting, roller lifting, roller falling, cutting car returning etc;
  • The measured value can be displayed real-time;
  • Producing records and statistic data can be  printed online;
  • Less investment, more flexible and fit for different situation;
  • Easy to install, debug and maintain.

Technical Parameter

  • Length control precision:± 5 mm; Billet Length scope:0 ~ 18 m;
  • Display one screen, two screen or multi screen;
  • Number of infrared camera:1 ~ 6 set, each 3 m length;
  • Strand number: 1 ~ 12 strands for billet, 1 ~ 2 strands for slab;
  • Output signal:Relay, AC220V/DC24V; Communication:Standard interface for TCP / IP is available for PLC;
  • The distance between camera and strand in horizontal direction:1 ~ 6 m;
  • The distance between camera and strand in vertical direction:1 ~ 6 m.