Online Electric Width-Modulated And Taper Adjustment System For Slab Mold

Online Electric Width-Modulated And Taper Adjustment System For Slab Mold

Product Introduction

In this system, the digital servo electric cylinder of four groups, two groups every side, drive the narrow side copper plate directly, so as to adjust width or narrow in the width direction of the slab section online. The broad-brimmed adopts servo system, hydraulic cylinder and position sensor as driver, to achieve the unlock and lock of width copper plate. When this system is equipped with impulsator, it can measure and control the width and taper of mold.

Function Characteristic

  • The system adopts 4 groups of digital servo electric cylinders to control the action of the two narrow copper plates of the mould, realizing adjustment, positioning and target position fine adjustment within electric cylinder stroke in any position;
  • The response time is short and the control accuracy is high;
  • The capacity of equipment is small. The structure is simple. The installation and maintenance is easy;
  • The performance of system is stable.The operation is reliable;
  • According to the signal feedback, this system collects the copper plate position data real-time to automatically widen the end position, to complete the fine adjustment of the width adjustment end position  automatically;
  • The system has the function of automatic detection and the judgment of prerequisite, can complete the online width-modulated and taper-adjustment online.

Technical Index

  • Width speed:2 - 100 mm/min;
  • Narrow speed:2 - 200 mm/min;
  • Electric cylinder range: Design based on customer requirement;
  • Hydraulic cylinder range:  50 mm;
  • Taper variation error :  ≤ 0.15 mm;
  • Top and bottom dimension error :≤ 0.2 mm;
  • Electric cylinder push:  ≥ 10 t;
  • Hydraulic cylinder push:  ≥ 5 t;