Process Control System

Process Control System

Product Introduction

CCM process control system, with riched technological process models, can supply reliably tools for improving  the  surface  and  inside  quality  of  the  production.  And the  system  has  other  functions  such as displaying the states of CCM, collecting and analyzing  the  information  of CCM, managing production plan, communicating with other systems, etc.

Our company can be engaged in almost  all  kinds  of  new   or  rebuilding   projects of CCM computer system(level-2). With experienced technology support, we can successfully accomplish almost  all  kinds  of building task of CCM computer system (level-2) of CCMs.

Continuous casting process models can be provided

  • Slab Solidification Model;
  • Tail Billet Optimization Process Model; Second Cooling Water Dynamic Distribution Model;
  • Soft Reduction Model;
  • Cutting Length Optimization Model.