Product Introduction

EMS is widely  used  in  metallurgical  and casting machine. With electric stirring technology, slab quality and production can be improved, cost  reduced and techniques optimized. EMS generates alternating magnetic field by electromagnetic stirrer, infiltrates into liquid steel, then generates induced current, the induced current interacting with the local magnetic field generates an electromagnetic force; electromagnetic force is applied to the molten steel.

The System Composition of EMS

EMS is composed by electromagnetic stirrer, electric control system and cooling circulatory system. Water cooling circulatory system is composed by preparation system of pure water, pure water box, pump system, network, dashboard and valve.


Installed Position of EMS

Electromagnetic  stirrer  can  be  installed on  any  position  of  metallurgical  length for CCM in principle. Rational installing position plays an important role in metallurgical effect. According to the installing position, it can be divided   to:

Mold Electromagnetic stirring  (MEMS): The  electromagnetic   stirrer   is   installed in copper mold area, MEMS for  square and round billet is adopted rotating-field stirrer generally. MEMS for slab is adopted traveling wave field stirrer of double  side.

Strand Electromagnetic Stirring (SEMS): The electromagnetic stirrer is installed between the lower part of mold and the secondary cooling area which is before of the two-phase region. SEMS for square and round  billet  is  adopted  traveling  wave field stirrer of single side. SEMS for slab is adopted traveling wave field stirrer of  double  side,  installed  separately  on the internal and external arc of CCM. At present, SEMS for square and round  billet is rarely adopted.

Final Electromagnetic stirring (FEMS): FEMS is mainly used for square and round billet. The stirrer is installed in the two- phase   region   of  freezing   terminal part,

adopting rotating-field stirrer generally .