Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System

Product Abstract

Hydraulic pressure drive control , which adopts hydraulic pressure to complete energy transfer process is a kind of control mode which is often used in the industry.  Hydraulic drive control method has the characteristics of flexibility and convenience. Due to outstanding advantages, it has been widely used. From civil to national defense, from general transmission to high precision control system.Besides hydraulic technology can be used in every engineering field, particularly the plane having mechanical equipment.

We developed the hydraulic transmission system to adapt to high strength and high load running, and in view of the precision high frequency response system, we developed servo hydraulic control system. In the metallurgical industry, MQ hydraulic system is widely used in steelmaking, steel rolling production line, mould oscillation servo system, hydraulic tilting device, etc. In addition, there are wide application in all kinds of engineering and construction machinery. We also can make some non-standard small hydraulic station or mass customization, which will be used for military vehicle, ship industry, textile industry, garbage disposal, pharmaceutical and other industries.

We are experienced in the field of designing, manufacturing (modification), installation, commissioning, operation and after-sale services, providing comprehensive services for users.

Technical Index

  • Operating pressure: 0 ~ 30 MPa;
  • Work media: Anti-wear hydraulic oil such as HM, HV, etc;Fire resistant hydraulic oil, water glycol;
  • Cleanliness of oil: ≥ NAS8 grade;
  • The range of normal oil temperature:30℃ ~ 45℃;
  • The control type of actuating mechanism:Manual control, electromagnetic control, proportional control, servo-control, etc.